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"I think I love too easily.

I find it so simple to pick out the best traits in somebody. I like to know what makes people tick and what makes their pupils dilate. I can fall in love with the way they talk about their favorite shades of color and the way they pick out groceries.

I am interested in the way people take their coffee and if they prefer tea better.

I find myself loving people for their laughter and the crinkles beneath their eyes when they smile. And I think it’s so cute whenever they suppress their grins when they think of something funny or memorable. I love the way people talk about life and what’s on their mind; it’s nice to know that there is more to discuss than the sounds on mattresses and the type of plant they inhale. I love the way people spill their hearts out when they’re happy or when they’re sad.

Sometimes, when they don’t let me love them, it makes me want to love them even more.

And even when they don’t love me back, I still continue to love."

- Ming D. LiuA Story A Day #148  (via elauxe)

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